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Blog: Armstrong’s Physiotherapy

Armstrong’s Physiotherapy at Lifebridge


Armstrong’s Physiotherapy has a convenient location right down the hall from Lifebridge Health Centre.

Armstrong’s Physiotherapy has been in operation since 1976. Since starting, the business has grown and currently has three different sites in Saskatoon.

They provide top quality physiotherapy along with a great exercise therapy service at all of their locations. They endeavor to serve a wide variety of patient needs ranging from the athlete to the injured worker, from young to old, and from those with health issues to those injured in motor vehicle accidents.

A referral is not necessary to book an appointment at Armstrong’s Physiotherapy, but some insurance companies do require a referral to offer coverage.

They offer a wide range of services which include: orthopaedic and musculoskeletal, work-related injuries, motor vehicle-related injuries, pelvic floor rehabilitation, pre-natal and post-partum rehabilitation, sports injuries, and exercise therapy and personal training.


Jennifer Aberhart
B.Sc.PT, Chronic Pain & McKenzie Therapy

Jennifer Aberhart graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2004, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with Honors, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 2008.

Jennifer is passionate about creating relationships with her clients. Jennifer focuses on techniques used by McKenzie Therapy guidelines and specializes in treating neck and back pain. She also has a keen focus on manual therapy techniques such as myofascial release, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and joint mobilization. She has experience in a variety of areas in physiotherapy including orthopaedics, post-surgical treatment, sports-related injuries and chronic pain, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) injuries and neurological rehabilitation.

Lindsey Tasker
MPT, B.Sc.Kin, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Therapy

Lindsey Tasker graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Cell Biology in 2008, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2010, and her Master of Physical Therapy in 2012.

Lindsey’s passion resides in pelvic floor rehabilitation, pre-natal and post-partum rehabilitation, and vestibular therapy. She regularly participates in community educations events, including the Mommy & Baby classes at the Fieldhouse.

Kelsey Konihowski
B.Sc.Kin, Exercise Therapist

Kelsey Konihowski graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, she completed her Bachelor of Science of Kinesiology in Exercise and Sport in 2015.

Kelsey enjoys working with all age groups and is eager to help you develop a health, balanced, and personalized exercise program. She is looking forward to furthering her education through certifications focusing on strengthening, conditioning and health promotion.



Pediatrics Health Questionnaire

Please complete this questionnaire prior to your Pediatrician consult.

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Pediatrician Referral

To be filled out by your family doctor.

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Endocrinologist Referral

Temporarily unavailable as Dr. Hussein is not accepting new referrals at this time.

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Health Questionnaire

If you are a new patient at LIFEBRIDGE Health Centre, and have booked a Meet & Greet appointment (1st visit) with one of our providers, please complete this Health Questionnaire form and bring it to your Meet & Greet appointment.

For this Meet & Greet appointment, you will be seen by our nurse and have your health concerns screened and your health related data entered into our Electronic Medical Records (EMR). After the nurse completes this process, you will be seen briefly by your provider (Physician). A plan will be formulated for a more in depth follow up visit. If you have many concerns and suffer from chronic diseases, you will need to prepare to attend three or more separate office visits to LIFEBRIDGE Health Centre in order to have your health issues addressed in a comprehensive manner. Our goal is to care for the whole person and to do this well, it does take a number of office visits to create and begin to implement your healthcare plan.

The purpose of the Health Questionnaire is to collect a complete medical history, and therefore populate your electronic medical record with up to date, comprehensive, and accurate information. Please include as much information as possible. This form will be reviewed by your health care provider at your Meet & Greet appointment. Depending on the complexity of your medical history, your provider may request you book a Health Questionnaire visit with our nurse. The details of this visit will be explained to you at your 1st visit.


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Complete Medical Questionnaire

If you are booked for a complete medical visit with your provider, please print and fill out the Complete Medical Questionnaire, then bring it to your Complete Medical visit. This form will provide your physician with an update on your most pressing concerns. If you do not bring this form, you can see your provider but your Complete Medical visit will likely need to be re-booked. Your provider cannot provide comprehensive care without having the necessary information available at the time of the visit.

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Fee Schedule

In some cases, a physician’s review of a form is not a service covered by the Medical Services Branch of Sask. Health. In these cases, a private fee, payable by the patient, applies. This fee will be explained and collected when you check in for your appointment. Please see the link to a fee schedule below for more details.

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