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Complete Medical Exam

Complete Medical Exam

Comprehensive Medical Exam at Lifebridge Health Centre

At Lifebridge Health Centre, our complete medical exam is designed to give a thorough overview of a patient's health status. The examination begins with a consultation where doctors understand the patient's health concerns, medical history, and lifestyle. This in-depth conversation aids in shaping the subsequent tests.

Preparatory Phase

Before the physical examination, patients undergo a preparatory phase that involves various diagnostic tests. These tests include blood pressure measurement, heart rate monitoring, cholesterol level check, blood sugar level testing, and analysis of kidney and liver function. This suite of tests provides a comprehensive insight into the patient's current state of health.

Physical Examination

The physical examination phase involves a systematic investigation of the patient's body. Our doctors at Lifebridge Health Centre pay attention to every detail, examining the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, lymph nodes, thyroid, chest, heart, lungs, and abdomen. If necessary, further specialized investigations are recommended.

Post Examination Review

After the physical examination, the doctors review the findings and discuss them with the patient. This phase is critical as it helps the patient fully understand their health status. At Lifebridge Health Centre, we believe in empowering our patients with knowledge so they can make informed decisions about their health.

Follow-up and Ongoing Monitoring

Following the complete medical exam, Lifebridge Health Centre offers an ongoing monitoring plan. Regular follow-ups, either in-person or via telemedicine, ensure that the patient maintains their health. Any necessary changes to their lifestyle or medication are discussed and implemented promptly.

What does a Complete Medical Exam at Lifebridge Health Centre entail?
At Lifebridge Health Centre, a Complete Medical Exam is a thorough assessment of your overall health. It typically involves a detailed medical history review, a complete physical examination, laboratory tests, and possibly diagnostic imaging. Our healthcare professionals may also discuss lifestyle, diet, and exercise to provide a holistic view of your health.
How often should I get a Complete Medical Exam at Lifebridge Health Centre?
Frequency of Complete Medical Exams at Lifebridge Health Centre can differ based on personal health conditions, age, and lifestyle. However, as a general rule, adults should consider a complete medical exam every year. It is crucial to establish a regular check-up routine to manage your health effectively.